Submitting payment means you agree to our Terms and Conditions outlined below.




The original fee covers one complimentary round of revisions. Each subsequent round of revisions has a cost of $75. Please note that additional revisions may affect your desired delivery date.


Depending on your estimated due date, we will let you know if your desired date is possible or not. If it is possible, then an additional 30-50% of your total will be charged as a rush fee.


LOTUS&ASH retains rights to the designs that it creates. Our semi-custom designs are not available in any digital form. All files exchanged during our communication will be for review only. Any unauthorized use of the Content exchanged will be considered a violation of LOTUS&ASH intellectual property rights. You may not reproduce, decompile, disassemble, modify or create derivative works with respect to the information/content exchanged.


NOTE: Shipping charges for all wedding invitations will be calculated once the project is complete and ready for shipment. A $5 shipping fee will be automatically added to your order, we will credit this amount to your final Shipping Invoice. The customer is responsible for shipping charges and will be asked to pay the final amount by a separate invoice. Once the invoice is paid, the order will be shipped. The price for shipping will vary depending on the size of your project. Shipping is calculated once your invitations are completed and weighed. For domestic shipping, the average shipping charge is anywhere between $20 to $80. For international shipments, the price varies between $80 to $150. Please note that the pricing given is an estimate and not final.

All packages include a shipment tracking number. We recommend ordering your paper goods as early as possible to allow for transport and customs in your country. Be sure to note that international orders may be charged a tax or tariff upon entry to your country. Any customs and import taxes that may apply will be the customer's responsibility.

If you are local to Los Angeles, pick up is available at our Century City studio.


Please use the address template provided by LOTUS&ASH. LOTUS&ASH will print the addresses exactly as written by the client. A complete address list should be complete and ready for LOTUS&ASH to use by the time the Client submits their online Customization Form, so a digital proof of their addresses can be delivered with the first round of design proofs.

Please be aware that the use of calligraphy or cursive fonts may increase the chance of returned envelopes by the Post Office. LOTUS&ASH is not responsible for envelopes returned or lost by the Post Office. Any envelopes that need to be re-addressed due to a return by the Post office will be charged in full for material and calligraphy service.

If you receive an envelope with a spelling mistake made by LOTUS&ASH, we will re-write and ship the corrected envelopes at no extra cost. If we are for any reason unable to do so, we will refund the charge for envelope addressing for the number that was incorrect. If a mistake is made by the client, the regular envelope calligraphy and material fees will be charged plus shipping cost.


Unfortunately the custom nature of our products don't allow us to accept refund or exchanges. It is our goal that the client is satisfied with our product. For this reason multiple approvals will be required during the design process. A final approval form will be sent along with the final proof of your order. Once we receive your signed approval, any changes will have additional fees.  If there is a printing error made on our part, we will either reprint the paper goods or provide a credit for the misprint. If there is an error with the wording that was approved by the client, the costs of reprinting must be covered by the client.


Handmade paper, hand dyed ribbon, hand assembled wax seals, and any other piece of your invitations that is specified as "handmade" or "hand assembled," may vary due to its handmade nature. Colors may vary in different screens so we recommend ordering a color sample pack before your order goes to production.


Client grants LOTUS&ASH a non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual, world-wide license to display and link to the Deliverables and any resulting project, and to use Client’s name, likeness, and identifying information, as part of its portfolio and to discuss the project in its marketing or advertising materials and in industry or professional publications, as an example of its work.


LOTUS&ASH may have access to Client’s confidential information (“Confidential Information”). LOTUS&ASH will make every commercially reasonable effort to keep such Confidential Information confidential, will only use such Confidential Information for the purpose of this Agreement, and will not share such Confidential Information with any third parties except those designated by Client or as required by law. LOTUS&ASH has no control over or liability for any uses of such Confidential Information by Client, by third parties under control of Client, or by third parties who obtained such Confidential Information from anyone other than LOTUS&ASH. Upon termination of this Agreement, LOTUS&ASH will no longer access or use such Confidential Information.